LeaseCompare Glossary

Leasehackr Score

The Leasehackr Score represents the number of years you can lease a car (assuming the same monthly payment throughout) before you exceed its MSRP.  It is a measure of bang for the buck.  The higher the score, the better the deal.  


• 12,000 miles per year (the national average)
• $0 capitalized cost reduction (a.k.a. “down payment”)
• only first month’s payment, dealer document fee, and license/registration due at signing
• sales tax not included
• acquisition fee rolled into the cost of lease
• top tier credit
• a competitive sales price from a Southern California dealership
• includes all rebates available to the general public

We strive to make this table as intuitive as possible, but leasing a car can sometimes be a little complicated.  If you have questions about the table or a specific lease program, please do not hesitate to post it on our forum