Consultation and Negotiation Support Service

Consultation and Negotiation Support Service

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Stages of Service

Leasehackr advises its Customers on which vehicle model to lease based on the Customers’ preferences and facilitates the car lease transaction between the Customers and the dealers. The Service consists of the following stages:

  1. Leasehackr collects basic information about the Customer’s needs and preferences through a brief questionnaire which the Customer filled out online;

  2. After Leasehackr has reviewed the questionnaire, Leasehackr makes the decision on whether Leasehackr can provide the Service to the Customer. If affirmative, and upon the payment by the Customer on Leasehackr’s website, Leasehackr provides the Customer with vehicle recommendations based on Leasehackr’s knowledge of deals and the Customer’s stated needs and preferences;

  3. Leasehackr will provide an estimate for each vehicle the Customer is interested in, factoring in all discounts, programs, and incentives that the Customer qualifies for based on information provided on the questionnaire and any other form of communication.

  4. Once the Customer has decided on a particular vehicle(s), Leasehackr will locate vehicles from dealer inventories within the Customer’s expressly intended region(s).

  5. Leasehackr will negotiate with dealers in the Customer’s intended region(s) via emails, phone calls, or in person to obtain the best quote for that particular vehicle(s).

If the Customer wishes to proceed with the deal, he/she must visit the dealer to complete the transaction. Leasehackr cannot accompany the Customer to the dealership. Because Leasehackr negotiates aggressively with the dealers on prices, there is a possibility that the dealer would back out of the deal on the day of the Customer’s visit for reasons outside of Leasehackr’s control, such as someone leasing/buying the car before the Customer, a dealer’s personal bias, and dealers taking advantage of the Customer’s opportunity cost of traveling to the dealership. The deal also factors in certain assumptions, such as self-reported incentive qualifications and credit score tier, both of which are subject to verification by the dealer. In the unlikely event that the dealer backs out of the deal and the Customer refuses to accept the higher offer from the dealer, Leasehackr will continue to assist the Customer in his/her vehicle search and price negotiation until Leasehackr reach the Maximum Duration of Service, as defined below.

Duration of Service

Leasehackr’s Service ends after 60 days, from 12:00 AM after the day on which the Customer made the payment until 11:59 PM on the 60th day (“Maximum Duration of Service”), or when the Customer has leased a car within the Maximum Duration of Service, whether directly from the dealer Leasehackr has negotiated with or otherwise, whichever date comes first.

Limitation of Service

Leasehackr provides negotiation and remote consultation services to the Customers. It does not lease the vehicle on the Customer’s behalf, accompany the Customers to the dealer, or deliver the vehicle to the Customer. While Leasehackr may deliver its service via electronic and/or phone communications, it does not meet the Customer in person, unless agreed otherwise. Leasehackr does not verify the information provided by the Customer.

Each paid Service is limited to one vehicle lease. Leasehackr cannot provide negotiation and consultation services for more than one intended vehicle lease.

Refund Policy

Leasehackr or the Customer may unilaterally terminate the Service at anytime without a stated reason. The termination must be done in writing via email and is effective from the date the other party acknowledges its receipt. Customers’ service termination email to Leasehackr shall be sent to Leasehackr would send its service termination email to the email reported on the Customer’s questionnaire.

In the case that either party terminates the Service before all stages of the Service has been initiated, Leasehackr will issue a prorated refund. As the first stage is free of charge, the refund is apportioned based on the initiation of stages 2-5 (total of 4 stages). Leasehackr has the sole discretion to determine whether a service stage has been initiated. Each uninitiated stage will entitle the Customer 25% of refund.

Once the fifth stage has initiated, Leasehackr will not issue any refund unless the Customer fails to lease a car that is below the total lease cost advertised on Edmunds Price Promise for leases, TrueCar’s lease payment estimate, and Roadster’s lease estimates in the same region within the same lease program cycle for the vehicle make. The total lease cost mentioned above includes cumulative pre-tax monthly lease payments calculated based on the Customer’s qualified incentives, down payment, any other capital reduction payments, acquisition fee, and any fees imposed by the aforementioned sites. The total lease cost, however, does not include license/registration fee, document fee, applicable taxes, Multiple Security Deposit payments, or other forms of payments which the Customer will receive back from the dealer, financing companies, public authorities, or any rebates.

If the Customer chooses not to lease a vehicle after the fifth stage has been initiated, there will be no refund.

Use of Customer’s Name

By paying for the Service, the Customer agrees to authorize Leasehackr to negotiate with dealers under his/her name, including but not limited to authorizing Leasehackr to sign emails with Customer’s name and creating a pseudo-email address to represent the Customer. Leasehackr’s use of Customer’s identity shall be limited to lease negotiation for the purpose of the Service. If the Customer wishes refrain Leasehackr from using his/her identity for the Service, the Customer may express so in writing by sending an email to