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Welcome to Leasehackr. Here, you’ll find tips, tricks and most importantly, the data you need to score an epic deal on your next car lease. 

The premise of Leasehackr is simple. Due to variations in lease programs, cars of the same type and price range can cost vastly different amounts of money to lease. Even when shopping for the same model, consumers can see huge price discrepancies when leasing—to a much greater extent than if they were to buy.

Leasehackr is a resource that helps consumers understand how much to pay for a new car lease. We strive to update our site to reflect new programs, incentives, and market conditions so that you’re kept abreast of the latest and best deals.

We hope you’ll find our site useful. Let us know what you think!

- Michael and Victoria


Meet the Team




Unlike most sane people, Michael gets excited about car shopping. To him, it boils down to the intrigue of deciding which car to get, followed by the hunt for a great deal. (Perhaps unsurprisingly, he is the unofficial car matchmaker for friends and family.) Michael co-founded Leasehackr because there just wasn’t a site that explored car leasing in a useful and compelling way. He hopes Leasehackr will enable folks to discover the best vehicle for their needs and budget.




Ever since her car maintenance bills started piling up, Victoria has sworn by car leasing. Through Leasehackr, she hopes to make the seemingly daunting leasing process easier for everyone. 



Chief Design Officer

Milo hand-picked the color gold for Leasehackr because he believes it best represents his playful, cheerful, and golden personalities. Milo shares our passion for carshe is always enthusiastic to jump into one because it always means going out to play. 



Where do you get your data? 

There are a number of variables that go into calculating a lease: namely, lease program data (residual value and money factor) and the sales price. To get lease program data, we crawl the internet to glean information from manufacturer websites, car enthusiast forums, and dealer ads, among many sources. We also receive data from tipsters—i.e., consumers who recently leased a car and shared their deal. We compare data among multiple sources to ensure accuracy.

As for the sales price—truthfully, it’s not very difficult. There are numerous car buying sites out there in which dealers offer upfront quotes on vehicles in their inventory. Some sites show recent transaction prices in quartiles, while some others publish incentive and rebate data. From these sources, we can get a clear idea of the prevailing market price of a particular vehicle. We then take the 95th percentile price as our target price.

What Leasehackr does is simply combine lease program data with the target price to come up with a Leasehackr monthly estimate.

How are you sure these lease deals are real? 

Leasehackr does not offer any guarantee that you will be able to lease a car for exactly the amount shown here. Leasehackr's monthly estimate represents our best estimate of a “95th percentile deal” for a particular car. It’s a price that’s certainly within the realm of possibility, but not one that all dealers will honor, especially if they have limited inventory or already met their end-of-the-month sales goals. Furthermore, deals may vary based on region; Leasehackr is based out of Southern California.

By sharing all the components that go into a lease, we aim to empower the consumer so that they can calculate and evaluate any lease deal on their own. Users can adjust inputs including the target price. Beyond that, Leasehackr's monthly estimate helps consumers compare the relative costs of leasing different cars, even if the exact lease payment were to vary slightly. 

I’m a car dealer. By aggregating all this data together, are you trying to drive dealers out of business?

No. Leasehackr simply computes lease estimates based on target prices that any number of existing dealers have promised to honor. Assuming the vehicles are leased at the buy rate (i.e., no interest rate mark-up), it doesn’t matter to a dealer’s bottom line whether a customer leases a car or chooses traditional financing. The precise factors of a manufacturer’s lease program, which is what Leasehackr explores and highlights variations in, has no bearing on a dealer’s profit—it just drives demand.

Plus, car leasing inherently results in more volume because consumers are in the market for a new vehicle more frequently.

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