About Leasehackr

Leasehackr is a news and opinion website about car leasing. We report on the latest and greatest deals that consumers have scored, along with the tips and essential information for obtaining a deal of your own.

We also maintain an active online community devoted to the art of “hacking” a good lease deal. Quite possibly everything you need to know about leasing can be found within the Leasehackr community.

Dealer and broker representatives are also a part of our community. They post lease offers on the Marketplace, and share with us their insights on the automotive industry.

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Lease Calculator

Estimate your payments. This calculator features make-specific inputs and rates your deal with the Leasehackr Score.


Have your specific leasing questions answered. Share your recent deal with the community!


Fun editorials—because cars are more than just a means of transportation. 

Leasing 101

Articles that address basic car leasing topics in a simple and intuitive way.

Latest Deals

Here, we report on deals we discover. This includes curated lists of cars based on budget or type.




Michael, co-founder

Unlike most sane people, Michael gets excited about car shopping. He co-founded Leasehackr as a hobby because there just wasn’t a site that explored car leasing in a useful and compelling way. He hopes Leasehackr will enable folks to discover the best vehicle for their needs and budget.


Victoria, co-founder

Ever since her car maintenance bills started piling up, Victoria has sworn by car leasing. Through Leasehackr, she hopes to make the seemingly daunting leasing process easier for everyone. 


Milo, design officer

Milo hand-picked the color gold for Leasehackr because he believes it best represents his playful, cheerful, and golden personalities. Milo shares our passion for cars—he is always enthusiastic to jump into one because it always means going out to play.