#UltimateDrivingExperience with #UltimateSavings - BMW Autocross Los Angeles 2015

#UltimateDrivingExperience with #UltimateSavings  - BMW Autocross Los Angeles 2015

Ever asked yourself whether all these drivers of German premium brands are getting their money’s worth? The answer in the case of BMW is clearly yes!

Let’s give you the TL;DR (“Too Long; Didn’t Read” for those of you who have a life off the internet) summary:

  • Autocross in a brand-new X4 xDrive 35i, 428i sDrive Gran Coupe, and/or a 328d sDrive for FREE!  Rev and drift a BMW to the limit with guidance from professional instructors – again for free!   
  • $1000 cash incentive on your next purchase/lease of a BMW after you have attended the Autocross (valid for 6 months).   
  • Test drive flashy Bimmers on the street – for free – without a sales rep in the car spamming you on when you’re going to buy the car.

Drawbacks? You’ll want a BMW.   

Benefits? Leasehackr can find you the best deals for those rides!    

Today the Leasehackr team eagerly tried out BMW’s entirely free Ultimate Driving Experience event in Arcadia, CA.  The sign-up process was smooth and convenient and the allocation for those who didn’t register beforehand was made superbly easy and welcoming.  Just like riding a BMW, every detail had a premium touch to it—the resplendent refreshments, fruit-infused water, and handmade coffee-- even the porta potties were surprisingly luxurious.  The experienced and attentive Autocross instructors completed the true premium offer.   

What struck us the most was the ease with which you could arrange a test-drive of a 650i Convertible, 750iL, 550i GT, X5 xDrive 35d, and more (we’re talking about $70k+ vehicles) without ever having to talk to an annoying sales rep hungry to sell you the car.  The test drive was completely self-guided-- you could simply hop into any car you fancy in their fleet and switch to another car within seconds once you are done.  The roughly 10-mile ride in the neighborhood consisted of long straight lines and interesting curves so that you could test the true power of a BMW engine. We were sold by the way in which you could explore the vehicles on your own; but if you needed any help, the staff were always ready to assist.   

The BMW Ultimate Driving Experience event will be in LA all of this week.  If you like power and agility, you wouldn’t want to miss this out!  Check out the event here.

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BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2015 – Main Reception Hall

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2015 – Main Reception Hall

The fleet of M Sport BMWs you can test drive

 Leasehackr staff Bryant experiencing the power of the Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2015 - The Ultimate Driving Machine

BMW Ultimate Driving Experience 2015 - The Ultimate Driving Machine