Updated! BMW Lease Programs For December 2015 - What You Need To Know

Updated! BMW Lease Programs For December 2015 - What You Need To Know
Source: bmwusa.com (3-series)

Source: bmwusa.com (3-series)

We've updated LeaseCompare, our sortable and searchable database of lease programs, to include the latest numbers from BMWFS. Here are some of the highlights this December.

  • BMW's bread and butter, the 3-series, makes for a solid lease. Thanks to strong residuals and $1,500 in incentives, all have a Leasehackr score of at least 8. If you qualify for certain targeted incentives, a 320i can be had for under $300, which is awesome in our view.
  • BMW's wonderful 2-series is a pretty poor lease. It's a shame because the M235i is one of the best cars that BMW makes. You might want to consider the 340i, which packs a similar punch and leases for less, despite having a higher MSRP.
  • As expected, the lame duck 2015 X1 is much cheaper to lease than the all-new 2016 X1. The residuals are actually higher on the old car, which goes to show that BMW's residuals bear no semblance to reality. If you've always wanted forearm strength-building steering and a bone-shattering ride in your SUV (kidding!), now is your chance to get one. 
  • Just like in November, the zippy i3 Mega City Vehicle continues to be a great lease. BMW! BMW! BMW!

About LeaseCompare Estimates

We apply the following assumptions to every vehicle on LeaseCompare:

  • 12,000 miles per year
  • $0 down payment
  • only first month's payment, document fee, and government fees due at signing
  • sales tax not included
  • acquisition fee rolled into lease
  • top tier credit
  • a competitive sales price
  • includes all rebates available to the general public

LeaseCompare estimates do not include any targeted incentives, which will result in lower lease payments. Putting down multiple security deposits and choosing a lower mileage lease will further reduce the cost of the lease.

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