Cruise The Lexus Lane In A New RX 350: $351/Month ($0 Down + MSD)

Cruise The Lexus Lane In A New RX 350: $351/Month ($0 Down + MSD)

Ajummas! C-lais! We have great news for you!

Our data is showing that transaction prices on RX 350, a popular midsize luxury crossover SUV from Lexus, are trending down. Combined with the strong residual values you'd expect of the brand, and a low money factor, and you could be driving this prestigious-looking SUV for way less than you'd think. (The German equivalents will cost at least $200+ more a month.)

Here's what you need to know about leasing this staple of upper-middle-class suburbia.

Lexus RX F SPORT (source:

Lexus RX F SPORT (source:

Current Lease Program - Valid Through October 31, 2017

The cost of leasing a particular car is determined by its lease program, which is set by the manufacturer, and the selling price, which is set by the dealer. Here is the current lease program for a 2017 RX 350 through Lexus Financial Services:

2017 RX 350 Lease Program - October 2017
Residual Value Money Factor
24 Months 64% .00055
30 Months 61% .00055
36 Months 57% .00055

These residuals assume 10,000 miles per year. Deduct 1% for 12,000 miles per year. Deduct 3% for 15,000 miles per year. The posted money factor (MF) rate assumes top tier credit. Below are the available incentives for 2017 RX 350.

Confused about terminology? Read this!

2017 RX 350 Incentives
Incentive Availability Amount
Lease Cash All $2,500
Loyalty Program (Takata) Targeted $1,500
College Graduate Program Targeted $1,000

Current owners of Lexus vehicles affected by the Takata airbag recall (Phase I and Phase II) are eligible for the additional $1,500 Lexus loyalty incentive. Recent college graduates (within two years) and soon-to-be graduates (within the next six months) are eligible for the $1,000 graduate incentive.

Selling Price

A lightly-optioned 2017 Lexus RX 350 FWD has an MSRP of $45,154. Here in Southern California, the average selling price is approximately 6% off MSRP. We would target a selling price of $40,000 (11% off MSRP), which represents an excellent price that most internet sales departments in the region should honor, before incentives.

Putting It Together

Use the lease calculator below to customize your own inputs, such as MSRP, selling price, and incentives. Every dealer sets its own selling price, depending on factors like inventory and demand. Here's a sample deal of a 2017 RX 350 FWD in Southern California assuming 11% off MSRP, excellent credit, 10,000 miles per year, and six Multiple Security Deposits (MSDs).

(11/13/17: Have issues with the calculator loading? Refresh the page. We are working on a fix.)

% off MSRP
APR: %
Enroll in Mercedes-Benz Autopay to lower the MF by 0.00010
GM One-pay Lease: Pay everyting upfront to lower the MF by 0.00042 (24 mos.) or by 0.00073 (36 mos.).
GM Acquisition Waiver: waive the acquisition fee by raising the MF by 0.00055.
APR: %
I want to pay my acquisition fee upfront.
Residual (%) at miles/yr
Tax is levied on monthly lease payment (most states).
Tax is levied on sales price (e.g. VA, GA).
Tax is levied on total lease payment (e.g. NY, NJ, MN).
1st month payment:
Lease payment:
Down payment:
Registration and doc fee:
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees:
Acquisition fee:
Total Tax:

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