Be Like Sven! Lease A Volvo S90 For $357/Month ($0 Down + MSD)

Be Like Sven! Lease A Volvo S90 For $357/Month ($0 Down + MSD)

If you’ve been on Leasehackr Forum, you may have noticed a good number of posts on Volvo, the Swedish automaker that’s on a bit of a roll. Their latest vehicles are stunning, feeling both special and understated. Turns out that Volvos, like the S90 sedan, can be great leases to boot!

We are fortunate to have New York-based broker, Quentin O’Brien (@nyclife), on our side. As the resident Volvo expert on Leasehackr Forum, he’s helped countless readers find truly amazing deals on S90. Moreover, he’s a true professional who’s developed a great reputation—read some of his testimonials here.

If you’re anywhere near New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, or Massachusetts, give Quentin a holler, and he’ll do his best to find you a great deal on a S90. Scroll to the bottom of this page for his details.

So much hygge in one shot. (source:

So much hygge in one shot. (source:

Volvo S90 Lease Program - Valid Through November 30, 2017

The cost of leasing a particular car is determined by its lease program, which is set by the manufacturer, and the selling price, which is set by the dealer. Here is the current lease program for a 2018 S90 through Volvo Cars Financial Services:

2018 S80 - November 2017 Program
Model 24-Month Residual 36-Month Residual Money Factor
T5 Momentum 58% 50% .00040
T6 Momentum 58% 51% .00080
T6 Inscription 57% 48% .00022

These residuals assume 10,000 miles per year. Deduct 1% for 12,000 miles per year. Deduct 3% for 15,000 miles per year. The posted money factor (MF) rate assumes top tier credit. Below are the available incentives for 2018 S80 courtesy of Volvo.

Confused about terminology? Read this!

2018 S80 - Volvo Incentives
Incentive Availability Amount
Lease Cash All $4,250
Volvo Allowance Only T5 Models $2,750
Volvo Allowance Only T6 Models $4,500
Conquest Bonus Targeted (Regional) $2,000
A-Plan Bonus Targeted $3,000
Loyalty Bonus Targeted $1,000

The $2,000 Conquest Bonus is a regional offer (Southern California and more) for customers who currently own or lease an Acura, Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Infiniti, Jeep, Lexus, Lincoln, or Mercedes. The $3,000 A-Plan Bonus is available for employees of selected businesses and organizations. The $1,000 Loyalty Bonus is for current Volvo owners or lessees. Additionally, Volvo has a pull-ahead offer for those wishing to terminate their Audi, BMW, Infiniti, Jaguar, Lexus, or Mercedes leases early.

Selling Price

A lightly-optioned 2018 S90 T5 Momentum has an MSRP of $51,160. Here in Southern California, we would target a selling price of $47,160 (8% off MSRP) before incentives. After application of the $4,250 Lease Cash and $2,750 Volvo Allowance, the price drops to $40,160. 

Volvo S90 just oozes understated cool. (source:

Volvo S90 just oozes understated cool. (source:

Putting It Together (YMMV)

Use the lease calculator below to customize your own inputs, such as MSRP, selling price, and incentives. Every dealer sets its own selling price, depending on factors like inventory and demand. Here's a sample deal of a 2018 S90 T5 Momentum in Southern California assuming 8% off MSRP before incentives, excellent credit, 10,000 miles per year, seven Multiple Security Deposits (MSDs), and use of the $2,000 Conquest Bonus.

Having issues with the calculator loading? Refresh the page.

% off MSRP
APR: %
GM One-pay Lease: Pay everyting upfront to lower the MF by 0.00042 (24 mos.) or by 0.00073 (36 mos.).
GM Acquisition Waiver: waive the acquisition fee by raising the MF by 0.00055.
APR: %
I want to pay my acquisition fee upfront.
Residual (%) at miles/yr
Tax is levied on monthly lease payment (most states).
Tax is levied on sales price (e.g. VA, GA).
Tax is levied on total lease payment (e.g. NY, NJ, MN).
1st month payment:
Lease payment:
Down payment:
Registration and doc fee:
Tax on cap cost reduction and fees:
Acquisition fee:
Total Tax:

Or Avoid That Negotiation Thing Altogether!

If you’re in NY, NJ, PA, or MA, send Quentin (@nyclife) an email with your requirements, and he’ll work his magic on a S90. 

Contact: Quentin O'Brien
Rate: $100 upfront + $300 service fee

Here are some examples of 2018 Volvo S90 deals he brokered; all include the A-Plan Bonus:

2018 S90 T6 Momentum ($61,055 MSRP) - $343/month, $0 upfront + MSD
2018 S90 T6 Momentum ($60,535 MSRP) - $324/month, $0 upfront + MSD
2018 S90 T5 Momentum ($54,800 MSRP) - $335/month, $0 upfront + MSD

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