Good News! BMW Continues Lease Support on Leftover 3-series (Expired)

Good News! BMW Continues Lease Support on Leftover 3-series (Expired)


Update: We learned that the lease support extension is regional, and it appears to apply only in Southern California. Bummer.

  • BMW has continued lease support on 2018 3-series models.

  • As of May 3, 2019, there are 714 cars remaining in the US, excluding demo cars. 

  • Deals under $300 per month are possible.

  • The 2018 3-series is the final year of the F30 generation, which debuted in 2011.

If you missed out on the 2018 3-series fire sale last month, don’t worry—there’s still a chance to find a deal.

BMW surprised us all by extending lease support on 2018 3-series through the end of May. (No other 2018 model can be leased through BMW FS this month.)

According to AutoTrader listings, there are still 714 remaining 2018 3-series cars across the US. Chances are dealers will continue to discount them generously in order to clear out inventory. We expect BMW to end lease support once and for all by June, and no dealer wants to be left with un-leasable inventory.

Compared to last month, inventory will be slimmer, especially if you’re looking for a demo car. Every dealer sets its own selling price, but as a rough rule of thumb, we would aim for 10% off MSRP on a new 2018 3-series (before incentives) and 15% off MSRP on a demo car, depending on mileage.

BMW FS Lease Program for May 2019

Here’s a summary of BMW FS’s lease program for 2018 3-series this month:

  • 320i and 330i:

    • 24 months, 10K/year: 66% residual

    • 36 months, 10K/year: 60% residual

  • 328d, 330e, 340i, M3, and M3 CS

    • 24 months, 10K/year: 67% residual

    • 36 months, 10K/year: 61% residual

  • Money factor (MF) for all BMWs is .00165 (3.96% APR) this month. Dealers may mark up the MF for profit.

  • Lease Credit ranges from $3,000 (320i) to $6,500 (330e). May vary by region.

  • Loyalty Incentive of $1,000 for existing or recent BMW FS lessees.

  • Additional incentives and rebates include BMW CCA ($500), OL Code ($500), Recent Grad ($1,000), and USAA ($250).

Find Your Deal

Estimate your own lease by inputting variables into Leasehackr Calculator. Here’s a sample deal for a hypothetical 2018 330e demo car in California with 15% off MSRP, $6,500 lease credit, $1,000 Loyalty Incentive, and Multiple Security Deposits (MSD).

While the F30 generation 3-series dates back to 2011, it’s a great deal at under $300/month—and comparable to what some pay for, say, a Honda Civic.

Not too keen on searching for a car and negotiating on your own? Browse Marketplace for ready-to-go deals posted by brokers and dealers, or retain a broker for their services.

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