Labor Day Leasehacking: 2018 Ford Edge SEL for $265/Month, $0 Down

Labor Day Leasehacking: 2018 Ford Edge SEL for $265/Month, $0 Down

How is this deal possible?

In select regions, Ford has increased the lease cash on 2018 Edge for Labor Day ($5,450 in California). When combined with low money factor rates and acceptable residual values, it results in a compelling lease deal on Ford's popular midsize crossover SUV. Moreover, with the release of 2019 Edge around the corner, we're seeing solid dealer discounts across the country.

How do I get this deal?

The deal featured here assumes an ambitious but feasible dealer discount of $2,500, or 8% off MSRP, on a $33,045 Ford Edge SEL, before incentives. Your exact selling price will depend on factors like location and inventory. We recommend contacting a few dealers by email and asking for their best price. 

This deal assumes a 36-month lease. Ford Credit has set the 36-month residual value for Edge SEL at 50% of MSRP. Below is a table with the residual values for different trim levels of 2018 Edge through September 4, 2018:

2018 Ford Edge - 36 Month Residuals
10,500 mi/yr 12,000 mi/yr 15,000 mi/yr
SE 49% 48% 46%
SEL 50% 49% 47%
Titanium 51% 50% 48%

Lease cash and money factor rates vary based on region. The best program is in California; there's $5,450 in lease cash and a money factor of .00021 (equivalent to 0.5% APR). The worst is in the Southeast, which sees $3,000 in lease cash and a money factor of .00054 (equivalent to 1.3% APR).

You can find incentives specific to your region, including lease cash, by building and pricing a vehicle on the official Ford website. (Their lease calculator is updated with current program information, although it assumes full MSRP and does not include taxes or fees.) There may also be additional conditional incentives, such as $1,000 Ford Credit lease loyalty and $500 recent college grad bonus, that you may qualify for. 

About Ford Edge

Ford Edge is a spacious, five-seater midsize crossover SUV that competes against the likes of Nissan Murano, Hyundai Santa Fe Sport, and Jeep Grand Cherokee. As one of the more premium offerings in its class, the Edge offers a comfortable ride and a near-luxury interior. Fully loaded Edge models, like the Titanium and Sport, are sometimes cross-shopped with upscale crossovers like Lexus RX and BMW X3.

Get started! Current program is valid through September 4, 2018.

Use Leasehackr Calculator to customize your own inputs, such as the MSRP and selling price. The link below will take you to a sample deal of a 2018 Ford Edge SEL ($33,045 MSRP) assuming 8% off MSRP, excellent credit, California registration fees and taxes (Los Angeles County), $0 down payment, and 10,500 miles per year. 

It translates to $265 per month ($290 per month after tax) and $1,302 in drive-offs.

See the breakdown on the calculator.

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